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Coaching Session

Through a Coaching Session we work together to help you EMBODY your real authentic nature.  Often times we are pursuing goals that do not validate our real core values, purpose, or mission. Remember you are here to live YOUR LIFE!! 

During the times we spend together we will re-orient your trajectory away from distractions toward production by engaging with a myriad of powerful practices and assignments.  The most important aspect of shifting is to discover the meaning behind the wisdom you are currently living. 

Reiki Session

For our Reiki Sessions I allow these energies to surround the manifestations of any dis-ease you are currently experiencing.

This promotes relaxation within, also triggering the natural healing and wholing process within the Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit. 

These sessions can be done in person or by distance; and can assist with a broad spectrum of life circumstances for overall health or to support specific events such as interviews, presentations, and major life alterations. 

Shamanic Session

Through a Shamanic Reiki Session we work together in helping empower your system to be free of what is not aligned with your true blueprint. 

My passion is to operate within the realm of a KIND, EASY, GENTLE, and GOOD progression.  Becoming the REAL YOU starts with little soft steps. Pata y pata. 


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