Reiki Share and Psychic Playground

WHAT: Reiki Share and Psychic Playground!
WHEN: Last Sunday of Every Month
WHERE: Earthe Energe 1023 North Rock Blvd Sparks NV 89431
WHAT TIME: 12pm-4pm
ENERGY EXCHANGE(COST): 100% Love Donation
ACCOMMODATIONS: Drop ins welcome or please RSVP to attend. ***This is a Covid Compliant event.
πŸŽ‡πŸŽ†Welcome to Reiki Share!!Β πŸŽ†πŸŽ‡
✨Reiki Share is a place for us to gather and meditate together❗
✨Reiki Share is a gathering for those who are curious about Energy❗
✨Reiki Share is a gathering for those who are curious about Reiki❗
✨Reiki Share is a gathering for Reiki Practitioners who want to share knowledge and are seeking knowledge❗
✨Reiki Share is a gathering where we can come together and share Reiki Sessions with one another❗
✨Reiki Share is a gathering for deep discussions❗
✨Reiki Share is a gathering for friends and likeminded individuals❗
✨Reiki Share is a gathering for us to explore the wisdom of all modalities❗
✨Reiki Share is a gathering for us to share wisdom and explore our own personal gifts from Tarot reading to Empathic sensations to Mediumship❗
Possible activities and topics to share with each other are:
βœ…Β Sending Reiki to the self, plants, animals, spirits, past and future lives, groups, cultures, events, and even the world
βœ…Β Conversations to expand our understanding of ethics and energy work
βœ…Β Different ways of Smudging and Grounding to clear space and stuck energies
βœ…Β Perceptions and understandings about the Luminous Energy Field and Chakras
βœ…Β Different Ways to Create Sacred Space
βœ…Β How symbolism and synchronicities are asking to be interpreted
βœ…Β How to honor the wisdom of lineages and the medicines they contain
βœ…Β Different Reiki Techniques and ways of bettering the experience of your Reiki Sessions
βœ…Β Discussions on how to use Reiki in creative ways
βœ…Β Group Meditations
βœ…Β Monthly Group Reiki of specific individuals, groups, places, or events
βœ…Β AND SO MUCH MORE! What are you called to bring to the space?
Greetings and Happy Reiki Share Dayβ€Ό
🌠Matthew Embrey-McClain the Shamanic Happiness Coach here! 🌠
Feel free to contact me with any questionsΒ πŸ™‹β€β™€β€πŸ™‹β€β™‚β€Β via FB Direct Message, calling , texting or email ! 775-800-4271, You can also visit my website atΒ
Along my path I choose to facilitate services that escalate the overall health and wellness of our communities. I offer this Reiki Share Gathering with considerable reverence for those that are called to walk a path with Reiki and for the constructive impact that all practitioners bring to the world for the greatest and highest good of ALL.
It is my hope that Reiki Share and Psychic Playground days become a tool that helps to enhance your path and impacts how this world grows! Thank you, it is an honor to exist with such a powerful souls!!!
βœ”Disclaimer: Reiki Share is not a space to treat or diagnose any conditions or ailments.
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Dec 31 2023


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Earthe Energe


Earthe Energe
1023 N Rock Blvd Sparks Nevada 89434
Matthew Embrey-McClain Shamanic Happiness Coach


Matthew Embrey-McClain Shamanic Happiness Coach

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