Compassionate Mindful Meditation: Foundations of Meditation

Compassionate Mindful Meditation:
Foundations of Meditation
Facilitator: Matthew Embrey-McClain Shamanic Happiness Coach
Gathering Duration: 6pm till about 8pm
Gathering Location: Earthe Energe 1023 N. Rock Blvd Sparks NV 89431
Must RSVP to attend. This is a Covid Compliant event. Space is limited per gathering.
โ€œIt is my intention that by becoming part of our Compassionate tribe, your life will be shaken up in all the right WAYS!! May any limited perspectives that once governed your existence be seen for their higher truth as learning tools to propel you into the unique authentic life you are here to experience.โ€
-Matthew Embrey-McClain
These gatherings are designed to expose you to a myriad of different foundational meditative techniques in a group setting that will begin to unlock any shackles holding us back. You might be someone who has never consciously chosen to meditate or someone who is quite familiar with all meditation has to offer. In all circumstances, we will be learning to unfold into more authentic expressions of ourselves and constantly upgrading our understandings as more scientific and spiritual wisdom become available.
Come for the knowledge, keep coming for the family, wisdom, and transformation. Come when you are called to be with us.
Each gathering we will be exposed to various compassionate topics and meditative techniques meant to:
โœจย Nurture and establish comfortably with a conscious routine.
โœจย Create a friendship and discernment between you and the mind.
โœจย Fortify focused attention and establish the monkey mind as an ally.
โœจย Authorize a trusting relationship of perception with the feelings of your intuition.
โœจย Explore our energy centers and how we understand them to function with the body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
โœจย Bring meaningful context to what we think, feel, and do.
โœจย Explore any unhealthy foundations we may be operating from, our relationship to them, and how they manifest in the world.
โœจย Cultivate more authenticity, love, and meaning into the world around you.
โœจย Bring meaning and non-judgment to whatever life assignment we are currently being asked to navigate.
โœจย Understanding the 3D, 4D, and 5D experiences we fluctuate through.
โœจย Learn to actively embody feelings of happiness, joy, excitement, wonder, love, and compassion so we may be the frequency that contributes to an uplifted planet.
As a bonus of support during the gathering, Matthew will bathe the container in Holy Fire & Karuna Reiki (Compassionate in Action Reiki) for all those who would like to receive it.
These gatherings are designed in a cumulative fashion where cumulative attendance will hasten your expansion into becoming familiar and comfortable with the first milestones of meditation. Dates may change as necessary.
This is a prana pay gathering with a suggested $15ย ๐Ÿ’œlove offering๐Ÿ’œย energy exchange donation; no one is turned away. You may donate either by signing into the class online with Good Elephant or donate in person.ย…/class/371551/Matthew-Embrey
For any questions or to schedule individual sessions please call (775-800-4271), text (775-800-4271), FB messenger, or email (


Mar 12 2021


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm



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