Compassionate Mindful Meditation: An Online Expansion of Our LOVE

Class is open to every level of meditation practice, from first-timer to the Zen master.
These online gatherings are designed to give you a myriad of wellness tools. Each week is slightly different and always offers soul healing moments for everyone. Come for the knowledge, stay for the family and wisdom. Come when called.
β€’We begin our meditations with an immersive body scan to relax the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body.
β€’Next, we work to develop our relationship to perception. Bringing awareness to what we think, feel, and do.
β€’ Lastly, we will finish with an embodiment meditation, where we practice actively generating the emotions and feelings of happiness, joy, excitement, wonder, love, and compassion.
As an added bonus, for the length of each meditation, Matthew will bathe those people who want and/or have given permission to receive Karuna Reiki (Compassion Life Force Energy in Action) to assist them during their current transformation or life assignment.
This class is here for all who you are searching for healing, motivation, inspiration, re-definition of routine, consistent ritual, expansion of your intuition, and/or an increase in your current practice then YOU ARE MEANT FOR THIS CLASS. If you are looking for community and healing, please, with love-join us. This class is facilitated by Matthew Christopher Embrey-mcclain the Shamanic Happiness Coach.
All participants will receive and email with the zoom link from Good Elephant. Use the link below to find the class
Prana pay suggested donation of $10
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Oct 04 2023


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm



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